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Finding your 5 Non- Negotiables for a Balanced You

Finding your 5 Non- Negotiables for a Balanced You

What does balance mean to you? Is it being able to dedicate time to your spouse and children, fit in a workout, provide a home cooked meal, stay up to date with the latest trends, and maintain a clean home? If you answered yes to the majority of these examples you’re not the only one who has a long list of things to juggle.

We all have areas in our lives that we consider important and most of us want to accomplish everything on our list. However, when we have too many things to accomplish this can create added stress and imbalance in our lives. This is why it’s key to create a list of the 5 most important aspects in your life that are non-negotiable meaning these things are not meant to be discussed or changed. These non-negotiables become your priority and focal point to maintain balance in your life.

Here is my list of 5 non-negotiables:

1. Maintaining a Clean diet. I must eat natural foods. If I eat processed foods, I feel sluggish and ill. My body definitely can tell the difference from poor food choices. I try to accomplish this type of diet the majority of the time. Trust me when I go astray, my mood, my body and my energy suffer.
2. Meditation and Affirmation. For me, if I don’t take the time to self- reflect and meditate my mood suffers. I become more agitated and easily stressed. Ultimately, my patience suffers. Part of my job is to listen to health complaints all day; this begins as soon as I walk into the door to my office. I know I must mentally and spiritually prepare myself to be the best version of me so that I may serve others to the best of my ability. This requires daily meditation. Affirmations work the same for me. I need to program my thoughts daily to see the good in every situation. This helps me see opportunities in adversity and ultimately guide every action of mine with love. My friends, family and patients all benefit from a calm, meditated me.
3. Exercise. Boy, if I go a few days without exercise please stay away! Just kidding! Honestly speaking, exercise does help me release stored energy, increases happy endorphins, boosts my metabolism, gives me energy and calms me as well. This all helps me be a better me. Overall, a better me makes a better mom, spouse, friend, sister, coworker etc.
4. Sleep!!! A rested me is essential to a balanced me. I find the days I don’t get enough sleep I am just not myself. I typically like to be in bed before 10 pm. I do not require much sleep, perhaps 5- 6 hours, however the quality of my sleep must be good for me to feel rested and rejuvenated. This means no interruptions please! When I am rested, my work, relationships, and immune system are at their optimal.
5. Love and Bonding: Establishing a deep connection and bond with my friends, family and significant other is essential to me. I believe love is the foundation to all relationships we encounter in our lives. One of my favorite affirmations by Deepak Chopra states “Love is the only reality and love is the most important priority. When this truth takes root in our hearts, we will not be tempted to waste so much time on trivialities.”

So, grab a sheet of paper and list the 5 things you ultimately need to feel balanced. You will be surprised how basic your list may seem. The purpose of this activity is to identify the essential. There is true beauty in simplicity.





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