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How to get started on a Meditation Practice

First things first, create your Space!!!

If you have a place for that Barbie house, or that dog bed you can most certainly create a place for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a large area. It can even be a corner in your bedroom!

Things to consider:
– Traffic: choose an area that has little traffic but easy to get to. Keep the area clean and simple. If there is a window nearby that has a great view even better. This will give you some natural lighting and a lovely landscape to appreciate. However, a corner in a room is just as perfect. This is your space and you will make it your own. So just decide and get started!
– Equipment: get yourself a small area rug and a large pillow for starters. Don’t go overboard on buying fancy material, the main focus is to create a comfortable experience where you can sit for about five – fifteen minutes at first. If you have back problems you may want to consider something to sit on with back support. Your back muscles will become strengthened with time and practice.
– Nature: add an element of nature to your area. Perhaps some plants, some stones or rocks, whatever you choose. Nature reminds us we are all connected. Nature also boosts creativity 
– Aroma: Candles, oils, and incense are great items to add to your area. You can place these items nearby for easy access during your meditation. I personally stick with a gentle vanilla scented candle. I use the candle flame as a focal point during meditation.
Now that you made your sacred space a reality it’s time to get your meditation on!

Choose a Time:
– Choose a time that works best for you. It can be morning or evening. For me, I enjoy practicing daily meditation as the first thing I do before breakfast. Meditating before my day starts sets the tone for the rest of the day.
– Another great time to meditate is after work. This gives you time to let go of all the daily stressors and empty out all the things that you do not want to take with you before bed and into the next day.

Ultimately, whatever time you choose make it a priority. No excuses! When you don’t have the time to meditate, that’s actually when you need to meditate the most!

Mindful Meditation:
There are many types of meditation. I find mindful meditation great for beginners and it’s simple to do. Mindful meditation is about awareness; about being present in the here and now. So set your intention for the mediation and begin. Your intention can be anything such as joy, love, success, health etc. Place that intention in your heart. Set a timer for 5 minutes at first. As you practice meditation more often you will be able to meditate for longer periods. You can choose to meditate in silence or to soothing music.

Begin by sitting on a cushion on the floor with your legs crossed. Place your hands so they rest on the top of your legs. You can close your eyes or choose to keep them open. If they are open, choose something to focus on. I personally use the flicker of a candle flame. Now, start to bring your attention to your breath and body. Take a few deep breaths. It is normal for your attention to wander from your breath to other things. Don’t fight this. Simply observe your thoughts and gently bring your focus back to your breath and body. Continue to do this until your timer is up. I like to end my meditation with gratitude. I am thankful for this moment, for my health, for my family etc. Later, you can add variation to your meditation practice by chanting out loud, using mantras, and reciting affirmations. The beauty of meditation is that there are so many forms to explore.

So now that you got the low down on how to start a meditation practice get to it!! I guarantee you will immediately begin to see and feel so much better.



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