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Halloween, Fall, Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The fall, by far my favorite season, is adorned with orange, yellow and brown colors that signify warmth to me. It is the prelude to Thanksgiving and the overall holiday season. It is when families start getting together to plan sumptuous meals and fun events.

It is also the time to get creative, dress up the kids and take beautiful pictures. As a picture freak, I drive my husband crazy to try to get him to take pictures of our children in pumpkin patches, in ten different costumes, with friends, without friends… I’m sure it is exhausting but I know deep inside he enjoys it too.

This year I’ve decided to venture into the photography world and I got a DSLR camera for Mother’s Day. I’m not too good at reading manuals or search for educational YouTube videos, but I’m determined to learn. I tried by hitting every button on the camera but it didn’t work. My husband tried to give me some pointers, but apparently, I’m a terrible student.

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to learn, but one day I came across a series of free photography tips for parents and I went for it.
I must say it was a good starting point. At least I got enthusiastic about it. I also realized I will need much more in-depth information to be able to take my own awesome pictures. But it was a start worth checking out.

If you are interested, click in the link below to subscribe for free:


Also, check out my little picture gallery above and on our homepage. Our Halloween pictures were taken at Flamingo Road Nursery, which has become a Halloween staple in South Broward, Florida. Beautiful fall and Halloween displays with pumpkins in every size, multiple activities for children, a farmer’s market and tons of plants, pots, fountains and more, this nursery has a little bit for everyone to see and enjoy.
For us, it has served as the backdrop for Halloween pictures for 2 years now and it doesn’t disappoint. This year I learned it also sets up Christmas displays that we will be checking out soon!

If you want more information about their fall-related activities, check out their website:




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