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Being a Doula

Being a Doula

Doulas are women, generally mothers, that accompany other mothers in their road to maternity, providing emotional and physical support.

We also educate and inform them about physical changes during pregnancy and we provide well being confidence and support, without displacing the role of the father during the delivery. This facilitates natural birth, reducing the need for elective cesarean section and epidural anesthesia for those moms who wish to have an experience as natural as possible. It also promotes a safe and strong bond with the baby in the moment of birth and empowers mothers about their bodies and helps them get in tune with the moment of birth.

A doula interprets the interior experience of each mother, evaluating all invisible changes and translating into layman terms the reality of postpartum. It is not about helping with the baby or offering good advise. Her main function is MOTHERING and helping the mom, so that she can MOTHER her baby.

The importance of a doula is not what she knows but who she is. She’s empathetic and helpful.

Doula. From Greek doulé, which means female slave. A who serves, maidservant.

“Each doula that helps a mother during puerperium heals herself and all women” Michel Odent.


Benefits of having a doula

  • She helps the mother to carry out her plans during labor and delivery, facilitating the communication between the mother, the doctors and the nurses.
  • Provides emotional support and helps the mother and her family, before, during and after delivery.
  • She shares her knowledge about postpartum education, antalgic positions, massage, reflexology, newborn care and lactation consulting.
  • Helps at home taking care of the mother, the baby and other siblings. Helps tidying up the house and on occasions she takes over the mother’s nutrition so she can breastfeed.
  • Encourages the mother to trust her choices, making decisions in agreement with her most intimate beliefs and following her maternal instinct. Helps them trust their bodies and on themselves.

A doula is an experienced woman in the topics of pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum. Nonetheless, she doesn’t make decisions or replaces medical care. She respects the professional and mystical value of each doctor with whom she Works, but always mediating for the benefit of the mother and her wishes.

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