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Morning Rituals

Morning Rituals

Rise and Shine! If you are reading this blog post you have been blessed with a new day. Let us take a moment to be thankful simply for being here. Begin by being grateful for a new day and be open to what it has to bring. Creating a morning ritual that works for you and committing to it helps ensure balance in your life.  Having dedicated time for things you enjoy helps set the tone for your day. Arrange your morning to give yourself the time you deserve. Here are our morning rituals:


Jules’ morning ritual:

For me, my morning ritual typically begins very early. I usually wake up around 5:30 am. Waking up this early gives me time to accomplish the things I love. I begin my day with a decision, today do I feel I need time to be in silence, reflect on things? or do I feel amped and ready to jump start my heart and metabolism? Depending on that answer, my morning ritual follows.  If I feel I need to meditate, I set a timer it can be anywhere from ten to twenty minutes. I sit in my quiet meditation area and begin.  I love to meditate to positive affirmations and meditations from Deepak Chopra. I focus on my breathing and allow myself to enjoy the silence and solitude. One of my favorite meditations include saying “I’m inhaling inspiration and exhaling transformation.” I find meditation boosts my creativity and also lengthens my patience, this way I’m not walking into work or beginning my day with a short fuse.

Now, if I choose to exercise I put on my workout outfit and grab my laptop. I log on to my beach body on demand account and choose a workout from my video library. If I’m not committing to a workout program, I choose my workout based on my mood.  I choose yoga, pilates, cardio or a dance inspired workout. These workouts are usually 30 minutes. Afterwards, I usually make a shake and if I have time I’ll sautee some egg whites and veggies. I usually use that time to pack myself some snacks and lunch for the day. This helps me avoid snacking on the many cookies and cakes that are usually at the job.

However, if I’m really short on time for whatever reason I will just make myself a hot tea, go on my laptop and look up inspirational quotes for this blog. Whatever your routine is make it a priority and non-negotiable. We will talk more on creating a list of non-negotiables to ensure you find balance in your life.


 Pau’s morning ritual:

I wake up around 7 am, after snoozing a couple of times, tickle Nico (who inevitably wakes up on our bed every morning) to get some baby giggles to jump start my day. Look at the baby monitor to make sure Tommy is ok. Generally, I get a couple of laughs when I see him throwing all his 5 or 6 pacifiers off the crib. I rush to take a shower, so I can then help get Nico dressed for school. I spend a few minutes though, making sure I do my face ritual (check out the post about how a blow dry saved my face, for details). After I’m dressed, I come out to our little morning chaos to breastfeed the baby while Danny makes breakfasts for all, which we eat really quickly before rushing out the door. I take my coffee to go, because I like to drink it slowly. Since my commute is long, I drink it while driving. I use my commute as time to catch up with friends and family.

Obviously, I need silence and solitude as Jules does. I find my personal time later in the evening, when my creativity flows. I’ll tell you more about my night ritual later as well as my list of non-negotiables that help keep my life balanced.


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  1. frank
    Oct 07, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    everyday is a new day we get to start over and do it again! My morning rituals are quite simple but as you highlighted in your blog today quite essential to my well being and mood for the day I actually look forward to them most of all because I have established something I like I need and I can achieve everyday. I do a Nichiren Buddhism / chanting meditation https://youtu.be/eKXxtQrvpok
    and make myself a hearty sized breakfast from scratch coffee, jam, toast, eggs, veggies (usually spinach?) and cheese. ? ? ?


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