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Workout Buddy Wednesday

Workout Buddy Wednesday

Today send a special thank you to your workout buddy for helping you achieve and maintain your goals. We all have that special friend who motivates us to go workout. Have you ever caught yourself saying, “If you go, I’ll go!!” Well I know I have, sometimes you need that extra push to get up and go exercise and that’s ok. Today let your workout buddy know how much he or she means to you and how you appreciate the time you spend together. Showing gratitude to others is such a beautiful thing and we should all do it more often. Perhaps you can send a special message, or pick up a new headband or water bottle for your friend, whatever you choose I’m sure it will definitely bring a smile.

For me, I have several workout buddies. Some may not even live in the same state as I do. I appreciate both types of friendships equally. I enjoy getting together and taking a class with my buddy, it definitely makes my workout more fun and even pushes me to try harder. My out of state workout buddies motivate me by sending recipes and post workout pictures. I’m also a part of a few fitness groups on social media. Accountability is key to making those goals a reality. So cheers to that Workout Buddy in your life! You are appreciated and my body and overall health Thank You!


Lots of Love and Appreciation,


Jules 🙂



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