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My Personal Road to Fitness

The true success is the fact that the need to stay physically active and healthy never leaves my mind.

I gotta confess my personal road to fitness is a cyclical one. I guess it is that way for many of us. But I had been in a lazy funk for quite some time and I couldn’t figure out how to come out of it.

Since May last year, I hadn’t worked out even once. I had most of the typical excuses. Lack of time, excessive tiredness, the schedules didn’t work for me, I hate the elliptical machine, I hate working out at home, I don’t have anyone to leave the kids with, I need family time…blah blah blah.

The truth is, I got lazy. To the point of being in pain every single day from the stiffness that comes from physical inactivity. And it took these many months to get on my feet again and start working on getting fit.

– How did I do it?
Well, a friends’ posts of her workouts on Instagram (@yezfitness) got me interested. I inquired and she shared with me some key points: 1. It was free, 2. I could do it at home, 3. It was only 15 minutes and 4. It was a 30-day challenge. She is a mom of two young kids and has a full-time job and a husband, just like me. And she looks great. Even better, the moves looked like fun. So, I decided to commit and joined the Make Fat Cry Challenge.

– How is it going?
As expected, the first few days were terrible. But I got them done. Little by little, my consistency has proven to give results, since I feel stronger, more energized, I see changes already in my body and best of all, I’m not stiff when I wake up in the morning.

– How do I stay consistent?
Believe me, there have been many days when I really didn’t want to exercise. But I had several back up plans. I got myself a workout buddy. I got myself workout clothes. And I also decided to share my journey every day on Instagram. By putting myself out there, I felt some sort of responsibility to stick with the challenge. Some people decided to join and that inspired me even more to show them I could do this. Because if I can, anybody can. Additionally, I truly have no excuses I can come up with to get myself out of a workout. IT IS ONLY A 15 MINUTE COMMITMENT!

– What comes next?
The time and effort invested have served as a kick start for me. Not only am I planning to continue exercising regularly (I’m already checking out my options) but I also have adjusted my eating habits and water consumption a lot since I started and I completed a 3-day refresh from Shakeology, to cleanse and lose a few pounds.

The true success is the fact that the need to stay physically active and healthy never leaves my mind. And no matter how many times I quit, I always find a way to get up and moving again. It is never too late. No effort is too little. Today it is 15 minutes. Tomorrow will be a Barre class. Get creative. Explore the options. You will find something that fits your lifestyle, your preferences and your budget.



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