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The Best We Can Do is to Let Go and Trust

The Best We Can Do is to Let Go and Trust

How difficult it is for people to let go and trust, especially when it is something about their loved ones or their own projects.

Why does this happen? Because we love and wish from the ego, from the infantile love of that child to whom nothing is denied. From being enamored but not from pure love that accepts, acknowledges and sometimes, renounces.

This is why the invitation is for us to try to live with open hands, willing to give it all and also let go of everything, even if just thinking about it results painful and difficult; letting go liberates you from the attachment and leaves you open to all the possibilities life has for you.

The more we hold what we love in our hands, the more we push it away and we will feel more pain and hopelessness in our hearts; we can get to the point of feeling such a strong pain that that we won’t be able to remember everything good that we have lived or experienced. We will forget and become ungrateful with what life and our superior being gives us.

Not letting go ties us, maybe to the past, to those things we would’ve wanted to have. That generates fear, lack of trust and our dreams stay as just that: dreams without a happy ending. And day after day, sadness will become suffering and resentment.

Letting go, trusting that there’s something bigger than ourselves directing our lives, is the best we can do because it lightens up the path and then we can truly enjoy both the big and the minuscule things. In fact, the minuscule things will acquire the importance they actually have.

Let’s let go and lovingly trust in the limitless possibilities that are available for our own happiness and fulfillment.



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