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Why I Dance

Poetical description of Janet’s love of dance.

I dance to lose myself. To be out of my mind and into my body. To just be. When you dance all you’re thinking about is the moves and letting yourself go. Every dancer knows that if you are preoccupied with thoughts, worries and concerns, you are going to stumble on your moves and be out of sync with the music.

When you dance you need to be out of your mind. You need to let go and feel the rhythm and be one with the beat. Often your body is taking over and working for you.

It’s beautiful. We are creatures of mind, body and soul. And often I forget the graces of the body. And one for sure is the ability to dance.

Dancing is my release, my relief. When I’m dancing my stress is gone and my body feels at ease. It’s supple, light, and free. I feel capable, confident.

I must admit that I’m not thinking about losing weight or toning my body when I decide to dance.

Although those are great after effects, it’s more of a conscious choice to live in the present. My way of telling God, “You got this.” My way of trusting that God is in control. And because of that I can let loose. I can rejoice and let my heart sing in dance.

Psalm 149:3 ” Let them praise His name in dance, make music with tambourine and lyre.”



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